Hey namebase! I would like to propose a standard about parking domains:
We could agree and define a format for a key=value TXT, and promote it for all domains available for selling (namebase or not)
The way I imagined:
TXT parking-value=10000 HNS (the coin could be optional)
But it would require a contact option. Namebase handle it, but since the TXT it could be found by dig'ing the domain, so...
Why it would be interesting for namebase?
Imagine there's a domain I'm interested in (eg: nb). How could I know if it is available for selling and the owner's contact?
You could park (ns) the domain, but..
By having a common/standard way of publishing this data, we could have other sites listing all domains, including namebase's. This is the http://parking.sinpapeles/
I believe it could be good for the HNS as an ecosystem