The current Punycode info (Why do emoji domains begin with "xn--*" strings?) could be improved and made simpler for newbies. This could include a simpler set of info and another more complex set. Each on their own another link ?
Currently you click the link to
This is quite technical and would not help average punters.
I know this was talked about a while ago , and I'm not sure on the outcomes, but mention of bidders being careful not to bid for or set-up an auction for the dud type of Emoji TLD would be a good warning/service. [Bidder beware!]
i.e. Example below I purchased and found to be dud.
xn--v86co184b/ (🕰️)
My method for checking Emojis is to go to .
(1) and check or get the punycode for names I might want.
(2) I check all names on to ensure they are not the dud type.
this approach is simple and works for me (I guess on the standard range of emojis)
Other codes that could be made into HNS TLD's I do not know if there is more to point out so my comments are not final by any means
cheers rattus