While direct and thorough, please read the following as thoughtful and constructive recommendations from one Director to another, for the betterment of Namebase and HNS.
The black background moving from inset to full-bleed on scroll and the subsequent parralax effect serve no purpose and in fact distract attention from the message, which was also better on the initial landing page.
The black backgrounds are abrupt and incongruent with the rest of the site. It doesn't matter if your name is in black, the branding of Namebase is effectively blue and white with yellow/orange accents.
Therefore, stick with white and/or blue backgrounds and use the opposite color for text. Obviously black text on white works, but the navy blue from your footer for some text and backgrounds would work better.
To easily replace the incongruent black backgrounds, NB pro background, and quote background, consider a consistent, alternating pattern of bright NB blue, the navy blue in your footer, and the white/off-white you're already using, in any order you like. Personally, I like a white header with white or navy blue background for the first section.
Humans thrive on pattern recognition and validating that by maintaining the alternating background color sequence will be perceived as aesthetically pleasing, release dopamine in anticipation, and nudge a continuous scroll.
This would also help showcase the decentralized, dot matrix images you use in marketplace and registry sections which are drown out by their white backgrounds. Contrast directs attention; use it to your advantage.
To that end, use the yellow and orange from your logo for button colors as high-contrast CTA's and links.
Both colors can be used on blue backgrounds, and orange can be used on white, but be sure to only use namebase yellow on blue backgrounds as it will contrast poorly on white.
The quote tiles from the previous page were, imho, better than the current structure and the quote section itself could be a rotating carousel which would take less space, enable more quotes/testimonials, and be more interactive - but merely changing the background to the footer's navy blue would suffice right now.
The NB pro image should be smaller and positioned to the left of the text so it appears correctly on mobile and dramatically reduces the height of the section on desktop into more of a banner. You want to hint at the UI, not show it in full detail, otherwise there's little reason to explore the link. Try to use a navy background here to blend with the dark UI of NB pro image, while still contrasting and remaining consistent with the rest of the page.
If nothing else, just restore the previous page. For minimally acceptable change: fix the background and text colors per my specs and remove the effects from the first section.
Once most of these are considered and hopefully implemented, I'll dive more into the copy. For now, consider that HNS is reverse compatible with existing DNS. It's less "new internet" and more "paradigm shifting upgrade". New is risky. Exponential improvement is valuable. Which kind of message do you think will interest the top 100k brands?
I take precise branding and UX very seriously and view the recent changes as a tarnish to your brand, which in turn tarnishes my brand. To be clear, I perceive these changes as a direct threat to my own brand authority due to close association.
I am currently featured in your quote section and am readying the launch of my site. I was genuinely excited to share being on Namebase until I saw the state of the page. I'm afraid this dramatically reduces my willingness to share the page and align with Namebase.
In the context of cutting edge tech, that's an existential problem. Please consider these recommendations and fix this, ASAP.