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Enable DNSSEC in Namebase DNS
under review
As of now, the only way for any Namebase user to set up a secure website is to host their own DNS server and enable DNSSEC on it. Enabling it on Namebase DNS helps everyone to set up secure websites without having to maintain their own cloud server. This feedback post focuses on part 1 (of 3) below. One idea on how Namebase can support in stages: 1) Enable DNSSEC in Namebase DNS This lets the tech savvy people manually set up https without having to spin up own nameservers. Namebase DNS is based on powerdns so it's essentially a toggle from OFF to ON (but you guys would probably want to test it a bit I think ;)) - shouldn't take a lot of effort/time. 2) Set up DNSSEC for newly registered names Automatically add DS records along with the ns1 and ns2 default records being set pointing to nb dns. Again, will need a bit of code to get the value for the record first, but doable. At this point, anyone hosting a site somewhere (heroku or wherever) can set up https without a lot of work (but it's still manual process). 3) Add SSL support to thr Sia Gateway and set the TLSA record in Namebase DNS Now to get https on dlinks, the gateway should use an SSL certificate which changes for every domain. This may take work, and the community can help if open source contributions to make this work will be accepted. Dlinks will also need a small change to add 1 extra TLSA record, again, not much work. At this stage, dlinks will automatically have https.
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