Add a section called "Spotlight" or "Featured" (Spotlight sounds better) on main domains page next to "Marketplace" Tab, or alongside those tabs called "Spotlight"
In this tab, permanent 100 slots, all appearing on one page ( 100 slots displayed, no page 1 , page 2). Those slots are empty.
Users can rent out spots to showcase their domains for sale, for example top 25 slots cost each 1000 hns to rent out per day, second 25 slots cost 750, third 25 slots cost 500 and bottom 25 slots cost 250 ( Those figures can be changed to whatever, this is just example).
This way domain sellers can display the domains they want for a fixed period of time, increasing the chance that they are sold. In exchange namebase can either take a fixed fee per slot, or take a higher cut from domain sale ( for example extra 10 % fee for renting out spotlight). But maybe paying hns directly to rent out for x amount of days is better. This way instead of endless scrolling looking for special or good domain names, people can list high quality domains under spotlight tab.
P.S figure above are just exampels, could have maybe 10 pages each with 100 names, the longer page cost cheaper to rent while first pages cost more. Above was just 1 example.