Some filters and sorting options would be very useful on the "For Sale" tab/page to expedite micro-managing those domains as needed. Specifically filtering down to domains textually and sorting options similar to the "Your Domains" page with the added options to sort by the purchase price, sort by the price they are currently listed for, or sort by the number of views/unique views. I'm not sure if you retain both views counts but if so having both options could be helpful for insights and in general.
Additionally, it may be helpful to have the option of showing/hiding all For Sale listings with the Offer option enabled/disabled. I personally disable it on all of my domains, so I would be looking to filter out those and show any that may have Offers enabled still, but others may wish to do the opposite.
These have been mentioned to some degree already but I thought I would add them here anyway for a more comprehensive overhaul list. The domains listed on the For Sale page should also show the number of views, the purchase price, and the price it is currently listed for.
Lastly, the page seems to load the entire portfolio of domains listed for sale all at once so with extremely large portfolios this can get laggy and hang for a while. I do like that it loads them all and doesn't have pagination instead, but I think it should load a certain chunk (~250) and then load more as you scroll down instead of all at once. This could be done in a fluid seamless way and essentially show no obvious differences over the current setup but would be much more responsive on the frontend because of it. IMHO :)