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CREATING THE MOLD (An open letter to the Namer community)
Hello fellow Namers! A new day is upon us. As a growing community, we now find ourselves at a pivotal fork in the road. This comes at a time when many of us are championing for the broader embrace, and use, of decentralized domains. As early adopters, many of us are investing our gifts, talents, skills, passion and time into developing innovative, and sustainable, use-case models. It's at this very moment we're ALL playing a critical role in helping sculpt the future of the decentralized web. With the aforementioned stated, it's time we give thought to emerging cultures within the Namer community. Among them should be domain name bidding, buying, selling and gifting culture. It's at this very moment we MUST consider the impact of things like domain lockups, hoarding, and misuse. Yes, the goal is to maximize the potential of the decentralized web. However, we MUST self-govern in a manner that allows for "growth through reason" as opposed to "growth through greed" and so on. We all bid on, buy, sell, and trade extensions for a number of reasons. What links us is a belief that decentralized domain names can be better. Therefore, every practice ranging from "domain search" to "domain use" should be paired with a better outlook. There's nothing wrong with making a profit, building out portfolios and/or giving legs to a new idea. However, let us not do so at the expense of the community's efforts: and the very web we look to ensure is fair, and accessible, to everyone. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THE OPEN LETTER ATTACHMENT WITH OTHERS. With the community and progression in mind, WNC GIVES / KMC GIVES
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